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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Don't Know Where September Went....

I had fully intended to get back into the routine of blogging more regularly.  If for nothing else, than to keep my own pictures and memories of the kids and our lives straight.  Now that I have a smart phone, I am finding that I update my family a bit more but just shooting them pictures in a text of stuff the kids are doing and not by writing blog posts.

But, I miss writing.  I miss spending time forcing my brain to analyze my thoughts and feelings about our life events.

So, I am trying again.

But, these first few are going to end up being random, stuff all jumbled together with little to no rhyme or reason.  Fair warning.

V-girl got her 3rd grade Bible this year.

Once we actually found the boxes that had our school in it, we were off and running.  Now that we have an actual "library" space at our house, we are doing a lot more reading.  Yay!

I gave S-girl and V-girl bangs.  They look so stinking old.

S-girl has starting golfing, just like big sister, A-girl.  She has also started winning in her age range.

I just realized that everything I just talked about happened in August, and I still haven't touched on the three August birthdays we had!  So, apparently, I don't really know what happened to August or September!