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Friday, August 13, 2010


Doesn't he look sweet?  Behind the sweet face lies quite a mind....

We have a few rules in our household.  We have banned "bad" words like "Shut Up" and "Stupid".  Worked fine with the first 3 children...they would occasionally say those things, mommy and daddy would gently remind them that we don't say those things and problem solved....they wouldn't say them.

This little man has found a way to work the system.  When he wanted someone to be quiet and stop bugging him, he would shout at them "Shut The Door Up", you see, he wasn't saying the "bad" words that have been banned.....Shut Up. 

Or, when he was fed up with someone and wanted to belittle them, he would call them "Stuart".  Yes, in, "You are so Stuart!!!"  See, once again, he is not saying the bad word that has been banned from our household.....Stupid.

Clever little guy, isn't he?!?!

He also makes up jokes.  His latest cracked me up which is kind of the problem with him....he is very funny and I think the way his mind works is hilarious -so sometimes, he is hard to discipline!  

Here is his latest joke.

What is 2 plus 2 plus head?

4 Head.

Get it?  My husband didn' first.

I cannot wait to see what he turns out to be as a grown up!

But look at this guy.  He is a total sweetheart.

He cracks me up.

He LOVES babies - even when they are on the inside.  Here he is with me and our latest...I got daily hugs and  kisses for the baby on what he referred to as my "puffy" belly.  He would also hold daily conversations with the baby and occasionally read baby a good book or two! 

His question for me after the baby came out...."Why are you still fat....I mean, puffy, mom?"  

Maybe he is catching on to the rules.  You don't say Stupid.  You don't say Shut Up.  And, most importantly, you DO NOT say Fat to a woman who just had her 6th child!!!

Yeah, well, it has been almost a year - and yes, I am still puffy.


Jill said... had me laughing out loud. How I miss seeing your little guy running around church. Precious!

Carrie said...

AH! I love this post - what a great look into how great A-man is! And Kayla, for the record, you look good and happy, no matter how "puffy" you are.

Alex said...

My sister was baby-sitting for a neighbor many years ago. My sis, was, well, she was puffy. She came home so upset, repeating what the little boy told her..."You're way more round than my mommy." Your story made me think of that... A man is adorable!