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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shut The Fridge

In deciding to have my own blog after much encouragement from my sister of my first hurdles was to come up with a name.  I solicited input from my little darlings and got ideas like "Lame Mom Who Likes to Torture Her Kids", "Not Cool Mom", "Mama K" , to just name a few of the loving names they came up with.....however, I was informed by my 12 year old son that any use of the word "Mama" in my blog title was totally, NOT cool.  We also threw around the idea of "Kayla And The Gang", because that is usually how I sign cards and things.  However, after a Google search of that name.....let's just say....the page choices that popped up were not for young impressionable eyes....well, not really for my old, middle age eyes either.  So, we moved onto things I say a lot....we toyed around with "Uff Da Y'all"....because I do say Uff Da....being from Minnesota don't cha know....and, I have found Y'all sneaking into my vocabulary.  We all kind of liked it and I liked that it seemed to encompass my old life and my new life....but it still wasn't grabbing us all by the throat. 

Then one of us came up with "Shut The Fridge".....perfect.  I say this to my 6 children probably 10-20 times a day....actually I even say it to my hubby because he likes to get out all his sandwich ingredients set them on the counter next to the fridge, create said sandwich, pack it in his lunch, get some chips, pack those, get some pop, add that, get a napkin, add that, discuss some sports trivia with my oldest son.....and then start putting ingredients back into the fridge and finally shutting the door.

The more I thought about this name, I loved describes part of my life as mom and part of my life as Kayla, who since our move last fall, can't seem to Shut the Fridge for myself either.  A little...well, no, I guess, a lot of comfort eating has happened!!!

So, welcome to this little snapshot of my life and, "Don't just stand there!  Shut the Fridge!"


Kandi said...

Yay!! Cute post and I love the explanation of the name. I think it's perfect! I'm adding you to my blogroll... ;)

Jill said...

I need lessons from you and Kandi. You are such creative bloggers! I can only do the basics. GREAT name!

Kayla said...

I give ALL the credit to Kandi....I totally pretty much stole the whole entire layout of my blog from hers!!! Only the kids and hubby are original on mine! :)

Jill said...

Then I'll have to bribe Kandi. I can't figure out how to do all the fancy stuff. ha!

terri said...

Hi kayla and family,The family has grown so big
and so darling. Glad to hear how settled you all are becoming. I am so poor at the computer I will
have Gina put this into my favorites so I can pull with ease. This is Terri by the way. Jim
is in the New Brighton Health and Rehab Center
825 1st ave New Brighton Mn 55112 rm 103. He needs 24 hour care, so no hope to bring him home.
I go see him every day as long as the roads are good. If I can't see him I call. 651-633-o755.
He loves company and still knows everyone. Big
hugs to you and all. Miss ya Love terri