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Thursday, August 12, 2010

V-Girl in Action

For my family who haven't been able to see my V-Girl in action, here is a quick video of her walking around.  I apparently flipped the camera sideways for a portion of this - so you will see here walking sideways....sorry....hope it doesn't make you sick or anything. 

She has been walking for almost 2 months now.  She has even mastered walking backwards.  If you are sitting on the floor, she will walk over in front of you by quite a ways....walk backwards until she hits your legs and plop down.  It is very cute.  She also now reaches her arms to you when you wants to be picked up and opens and closes her fingers at you.  As D-Man says, "I just can't turn her down when she does that!!!!" 

We "think" she may be starting to talk - as she says things that sound like words - but she rarely repeats them on command, so it might just be wishful thinking.  She definitely adds to the noise level around here whether she is saying "real" words or not!!!


Kandi said...

I cannot believe she walks that well...she's like a pro! It's crazy! L. is still super wobbly and would rather crawl. But it'll happen soon enough so I'm not in any hurry. :)


Jill said...

Wow! She is amazing! Beautiful too!