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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Want This Hair Cut

I have been flipping through the home shopping networks (not sure why - I don't even like to shop in real stores - and we are working on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, so I can't actually "get" anything - but I am still watching) and stumbled upon this woman getting her hair styled on national television.  I became so enamored with her hair, I called for my little servants to bring my camera and the remote, so I could pause and rewind and get a good shot of it.  My kids scurried to do my bidding....well, actually they didn't....I got up and got them for myself...but they were now interested in what mom was going to do next.  I proceeded to pause the screen when I thought there was a good shot and my daughter stood in front of the T.V. and took the pictures.

I like this view too.....
The actual product is some sort of "age defying" hair goo....whatever....I was constantly being distracted by the man applying the goo, because he had really, really long fingernails....beautifully manicured....but really long for a guy.

And finally, the back. 

I want this hair...not the gray/grey color.  It sort of reminds me of the "Kelly" from Charlie's Angels style that I have wanted since the 70's.  I never wanted the Farrah and certainly not the Sabrina....always the Kelly.  We will see if I can find anyone here in Georgia that can make magic with my hair though.  See, my hair is very thick, very coarse and there is a lot of it.  Here in Georgia, it is so hot, that 99.9% of my days I have my hair pulled back with a headband or up in a pony tail.  When we arrived here almost a year ago, I had short hair, but since I didn't know any body to cut my hair....I just haven't gotten it cut.  I did get a trim sometime last November....but since then....nothin'. 

I finally have began (begun) to feel less traumatized by the whole move and have started looking at myself in the mirror....after almost a year of ignoring has not been a pretty sight.  I am also facing the body that I have allowed to comfort itself with food for the past year.  It has transformed itself into something I don't recognize.  Kayla, just Shut the Fridge.

Oh, well, if I find a stylist, I will post before and after pictures for us all.


Alex said...

So a stylist in Georgia... I posted about my Kate Gosselin hair cut tragedy. I finally found a lady I like in Alpharetta. Would you believe the salon called me yesterday to let me know that she has moved to Michigan and they wanted to schedule me with someone else for my appointment in September. Really? Seriously? I'm so annoyed. I wish I could shave my head and call it a day.

This style is so fancy. I would feel totally famous if I had enough hair to make it look like that! And you totally cracked me up talking about his long, manicured fingernails. A little creepy sounding.

Glad you started your own blog, now I get to know more about you! I can't believe you're in Georgia, I didn't even know.

Jill said...

Isn't this irony for you, Kayla...I've always been envious of YOUR hair and wished I could have it!

Kayla said...

Alex, it would be really fancy for me too - I think it is just wishful thinking for me that I will be one of those moms who looks like she tried or something before going out for the day! And his fingernails were really, really creepy....I was just sort of trying not to be judgmental about them....but even my girls noticed them!!!!

Jill, thanks for the compliment....I guess I will leave it at that....hard for me to believe...but I will just say thanks!!!