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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here is my S-Girl wearing a dress I had when I was little. 

Here is a picture of me around the same age. 

Here she is at her 1st visit to the dentist recently.

I love how serious she looks in this one!  She did a great job and wasn't scared at all. 


Alex said...

The photo of you and her...she could be your clone! So cute. She is adorable.

Jill said...

Yippee! Kayla...I am so happy to see you blogging. It's so fun to be able to keep up with you and your family here. I love the photos of your kids in the fridge. I think every Mom can relate to it! :)

Alex said...

Ok.. You're OTP south... Outside the perimeter south... That's where I grew up. In Fayetteville to be exact. So if you need any help finding..oh..say a hairdresser, I can help a sister out! You can email me directly at

I also have a friend ITP that moved here from Minneapolis with 3 kids. Might be a good person for me to introduce you to as you adjust to life in the heat, I mean in the south.