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Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Nope...I am still here.  Rainman has been off work which really curtails my computer time.  It is hard to get any of my own really important computer time in when he is having his really important computer time in....following baseball games, hockey games, playing spider solitaire and his latest obsession......Sporcle quizzes.

I do mean obsession.  Some new phrases that we have coined around here is "Dad is sporcling again"....or "Don't ask Daddy a question now, he is sporcling"...."Daddy can't hear you, he is sporcling!"  If you haven't "Sporcled", it is a quiz site where you can find any kind of quiz under the sun.....really.....ANY kind, and they are timed anywhere from 2 minutes up to 25 minutes (could be others - but those are the shortest and longest ones I have seen).  They are fun.  I enjoy them too.  But, I am not obsessed like he is.  This last week, he was trying one that had you list the capitals of all the countries in the world....yes, ALL.  I think there were 195 total.  His first try he got something like 178.  So, being Rainman, he was not going to give up until he could get all of them in the 20 minutes allotted for this quiz.  So, every day, he would try once or twice and get a few more each time....all from his mind or course, not from looking at a map or globe or anything.  Of course, he did this one in addition to the 3 or 4 new quizzes that were published every day.  He finally got all 195 of them the day before he had to head back to work. 

Well spent vacation, in his mind!  I wouldn't have objected to him getting a few more projects done around here - but, I did nickname him Rainman well before we were married....for a reason!

Anyway, now that he is back to work, hopefully I can get my hands on the computer a few times and update you on our lives...outside of Sporcling!

In case you want to try your hand at a quiz, like naming all the Smurfs you can, Oscar nominated actors from the 1950's, the names of the seven dwarfs, or all the capitals in the world, here is the link, so you too can Sporcle


Jill said...

Welcome Back! I've missed you! Hmmmm...sporcle, huh? Sounds too hard for me. ha!

Kandi said...

Sporcle is a funny word...reminds me of Farkle. Glad you're back - it's been too quiet around here without you! :)

Kayla said...

I am telling you there is a Sporcle for every skill level. Try it. But, just be warned that it is addicting!!!Isn't Farcle some kind of board game???


Anonymous said...

Farkle is a dice game. LOVE IT. Good mindless thing to do with a group of people. ;) I'm going to have to check out sporcle for myself.