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Friday, October 1, 2010

Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!

I think my husband gave me by best birthday gift ever this year.  He is a very sweet guy, but usually not the best gift giver.  Sometimes he gets me a nice gift, but in my opinion, spends waaaaaayyy too much money - which for frugal little old me - ruins the enjoyment of the gift.  Other times, he gets me things that he is excited about for me - thinks I will love - but they miss the mark - Snuggie anyone?  But this year, he gave me a gift that didn't cost too much money, was thoughtful, was something that I needed AND wanted.

To truly appreciate the gift he gave, first, let me review a bit of my life since my birthday last year.  Last year, I was just about 9 months pregnant, living in an ugly little apartment with a stinky couch from Goodwill with 5 kids used to living in the country and being able to run free and make a lot of noise.  I was sleeping on a foam pad on the living room floor - because #1 - there was no bed and #2 that was the only room that stayed cool because of the puny little window a/c unit.

I was still working 2 of my part-time jobs, having coffee dates with my sisters, going to women's group at church and involved in a book club.  I turned 42 last year,  2 weeks later gave birth to V-girl, 3 weeks after that, we packed up the apartment and the 6 kids and drove from Minnesota to our new home in Georgia.

I left behind my jobs, my sisters, my church, my book club and my trusted babysitters....just to name a few.  We had planned for me to "try" being a "real" stay at home mom and if I liked it, we would see if we could make it work financially....if not, I would just get a job.  Well, as noted in this post , while I sort of liked staying at home, our finances could really use some help - but nobody wanted me.

What this has resulted in, is a me that really doesn't get away from the house much, since we home school all of that happens within these 4 walls too.  If I do get out, it is to haul one of my little darlings to some practice/game or book club, no women's group at church, no sisters peaceful car rides to work and back. 

I just really wanted a break.  I would have even taken a date with my husband.....but, all our trusted babysitters were still residing in Minnesota. 

So, fast forward to my birthday this year.  I have trained myself to lower my expectations of my husband suddenly turning into a romance novel hero and giving me the "perfect" gift....

Well, okay, let's be honest, I still secretly hold out hope that he will suddenly "get me" and arrive at the perfect gift idea that even I didn't know I needed/wanted!

Okay, so, what did he get me?

A night at a bed and breakfast......ALONE!

I took pictures and I will post more details tomorrow!!!


Jill said...

Very, very thoughtful gift and one you REALLY deserved! Maybe there's hope for him yet, huh,, Kayla? =) I can't wait to see the pictures!

Makes me so sad you're so far away...

Kandi said...

Yes. I'm jealous.

Why do you ask?

Alex said...

How wonderful! I hope you have had a fabulous birthday!