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Monday, November 29, 2010

Church Christmas Program

We had a Chrismons/Advent celebration at our church last night.  I thought I would share a few pictures from the night.

Okay, you will have to ignore the creepy red eyes...

I took these during practice.  That is why V-Girl is up there with them.  Although, she apparently thought this was a rehearsal for her too as she tried to join them the entire program.  She would get furious when Rainman tried to stop her, so, as a result, she and Rainman ended up standing in the back for at least half of the show.

A-Man plays in the kids bell choir.  He loves it.  But you would never know it by his serious face in this shot.  He concentrates really hard.  He is adorable.  Interesting tidbit...he has an itty-bitty crush on the girl to his right.

The tree was really big.  Of course, I didn't get a picture of it, but this is Rainman with A-Man on his shoulders on a step to hang one of the ornaments and they weren't anywhere near the top.

Here is S-Girl trying to hang her ornament, but she had trouble letting go of Rainman long enough to get anything on the tree.  This is the only shot I got where she wasn't openly panicking.

Here are the big girls putting their ornaments up....

Isn't her hair pretty?  She did it herself.

L-Girl did her hair too.  Although I put in the sponge curlers for her the night before.  Remember sponge curlers?

It was a great program.  I was very proud of my kids and to top it off there were lots and lots of home baked cookies to be eaten afterwards!!!


Kandi said...
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Kandi said...

Oh, I am just a proud Auntie right now...A-Man's face made my heart hurt a little bit. He's so cute when he concentrates! And I can't believe how beautiful the girls are! Seriously, they are going to be gorgeous!!! Where was D-Man? ;) Did I miss his picture or are the teens too cool to put Chrismons on the tree? Ha ha!

Jess said...

LOVE the pics! Your kids were such a big help with the program. Oh, and I was sitting on the floor right in front of A-man with S-girl in my lap when they were doing handbells and we kept trying to get him to smile, to no avail. SO adorable! I'm extremely thankful for you and your precious family!!

Kayla said...

D-Man was too old be in the program. He video taped a bit for a friend of ours who didn't have good seats like us. Plus he just sat and laughed with us about how cute everyone was!!!