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Friday, January 11, 2013

Here is One of the Reasons I Have Hope

The following is a guest post created by L-girl, with assistance from A-girl.  But, I feel it needs a little explanation before you read it.
A while back, we had gone over to a friend's house who had 3 watermelons that were given to her from a friend.  She knew she wouldn't eat them all, so she gave one to us to take home.  On the way home, I noticed L-girl was just resting it on her lap.  I told her that she had better hold onto it because none of us wanted to have to clean watermelon guts out of the inside of our van.  I jokingly said something about buckling it into one of the car seats for safe travels.
Well, that started a conversation about their new "little sister" coming home.  Names were suggested.  It needed to be a name that would fit in with our family theme.  Millie was "born".
If you read my last post, you know I have sort of been down in the dumps and that my word for 2013 is Hope.  My kids give me hope.  The way their brains work, make me laugh and fill me with hope.  So, without further ado, I give you:
 The long life of Millie Payne

                                                           Here's me just before I gave birth.

                                 (I didn't smile this much right before delivery!)

                                                          Here's me and Millie after birth.
                                                            Here's Millie and her silly Aunt.

                                                              Here's Millie's first bath.

                                                            Here's Millie's first Halloween.

                                                            Here's Millie's first Christmas.

                                                                Here's Millie's first Birthday.

(Can I just say that I love the tin can cake and the dry erase marker for the candle?!?!)
                                                          Here's Millie's first day of School.

                                                            Here's Millie Potty Training.

(Now I know why this bathroom always smells....apparently my kids have been potty trained to keep the lid down!) 
Smile with tongue
                                                           Here's Millie's first Ball Game.

                                                             Here's Millie's first Dance Recital.

(Or how I see it, her first obligatory trophy/award)
                                                     Here's Millie's first swimming lessons.

(She has my figure.)
                                                            Here's Millie playing the Flute.

                                                            Here's Millie's on her first date.

(Apparently, Millie likes 'em hairy.)
                                            Here's Me and Millie shopping for her Prom dress.

                                              Here's Millie and her Bridal Party on her Wedding day.

                                       Here's Millie's Father (Liam Payne) walking Millie down the aisle.

(I love how Liam has his arm around her.  In case you don't son-in-law is Liam Payne from One Direction.)
                                                               Here's Millie's sad death.

                                     Thank you for going through the life of my Daughter Millie Payne.

There you have it.  I know it is sort of that the right word?  But, it made me laugh.  They spent all day with "Millie", took numerous trips to the attic for props, spent the day giggling.  I know it may solidify the "weird homeschooler" thoughts you may have of us....but I don't care.  It made me laugh at the time....and again when I just read the blog post that L-girl put together for you.

Hope can even come in the shape of a watermelon!