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Friday, January 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Just time for a few random things from our world this week.

A-man has been doing a study on Japan in History and Geography.  For some reason, in this unit, there is a recipe for Russian Tea Cakes.  We have used this same curriculum for all the older kids and everytime we get to this point, I am shocked to find Russian Tea Cakes in the unit about Japan.  I suppose it has something to do with Japan and all their tea ceremonies or something.  But, I still find it strange that they didn't name them something more "asian-ish" than Russian Tea Cakes....but, I guess, technically, Russia is in Asia, isn't it?  Nevermind.

Anyway, he was quite the chef and made them mostly by himself (A-girl was his sous chef).  He was really proud of himself.....and they tasted nummy!  I had the last one with my coffee this morning.

Check out his cursive too.  L-girl did the top, name part (just for the blog....I don't really walk around calling them A-girl and A-man!) and he did the Russia Tea Cakes part.

L-girl has mastered the french fish tail braid.  I have been her helpful and ever so willing long as I can sit on the couch.  Luckily, our couch floats in the middle of the room and the ends, I recline all the way and flop my hair over the back and she gets busy.

And, I have been busy crocheting.  I don't know if it means I have officially passed into "old-lady" territory, but I find it really relaxing.  Michaels had a yarn sale last week and I was practically giddy with all the choices.  I got a bunch of cotton for dishrags, some of that fancy scarf making yarn like I used for this purple scarf.....

(I think the scarf is lounging exactly where my head was in the last picture!)
...and I got some regular old acrylic yarn to make this pinwheel hot pad things that my mom's friend, Iona, taught me how to make.
My latest crochet project that I am super excited about is this.....
It is a rug!  I am making it with strips of sheets.  I am super excited to try them with old t-shirts too.  Did you know there is a whole community out on the internet that devotes itself to things you can make with "tarn" (t-shirt yarn)???
I know.  Pass the old lady card.  I don't care. 
Now all I need is one of those Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.