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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas in January

I forgot to show you two awesome gifts I got for Christmas this year.  In early December, I flew up to Minnesota, so I could drive with my mom down to Arizona for the winter.  We were supposed to have a girls Christmas get together before she and I took off.  However, the weather decided not to cooperate, so not only were my mom and I stuck in Minnesota because of so much snow, but my sister, Kandi, was stuck at her house and couldn't come over and see us to exchange gifts.  My sister, Karen, was able to make it, so we had a mini-sad-Christmas without all of us being together.  We decided to do homemade gifts for each other this year.

My mom gave me this....

An apron she made.....with fabric from my Grandma.  I love the bright colors, but have to wonder why she picked this fabric with Geisha girls on it....I wonder if it was on sale.....or, she got it because she loved the bright colors too.....or, did she like Asian culture....or, did someone give it to her....

Karen made this framed Christmas tree for me....

It is made out of my Grandma's old buttons.  I love it!  Some of these buttons I remember.  Some, like the little yellow ones on top that have smily faces on them, I don't.  I love it so much, I am leaving it out all year.  I love that it is cute, but I love the sentiment of having something of Grandma's nearby.

I am definitely getting more sentimental about things like this the older I get.  The quilt on my bed is one that this same Grandma made out of my Grandpa's old shirts and suits.  I love that one so much, that I even keep it on my bed through the heat of summer here in good, old, Georgia.  A-man, who is named after that Grandpa loves to look through all the patches and imagine where Grandpa would have worn that shirt or whether it was his Sunday suit and what color tie he would have worn with it.

Almost makes me want to learn how to quilt, so I can pass down some practical memory keepers for the kids.  Will that really make me an old lady?  I think I may still  be safe with just the crocheting/knitting and the quilting, as long as I don't start canning/preserving things....right?  

I just started thinking of all the "little old lady" things that exist...that I already do, like wearing my hair in a bun....wearing sensible shoes (with everything)....saving my tea bags to reuse....I think it really might be time to officially state the obvious. 

I am precariously close to being a little old lady.