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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

V-Girl has "Sugar Bugs"

V-girl finally got to go to the dentist.  She has been looking forward to this for about a year now.

We found out that she has the same deeply grooved teeth that A-man (and I) have.  They said, it is not completely our fault when we get cavities....or sugar bugs....because our anatomy doesn't always let us get to where we need to be.

(See, mom?  Remember that time when I had 5 wasn't my fault.  It was my anatomy!)

Anyway, she goes back later this week to get the fillings in.  They wanted to send her to a children's dentist...but the one they sent me to a few years ago for A-man was horrible and waaaay I asked if they would at least try to do the work themselves.

They agreed.  We go to a wonderful husband and wife team of dentists.  The wife does most of the pediatric work.  So, send a few prayers up on Thursday morning that V-girl and Dr. Davis get along swimmingly and the work gets completed smoothly.