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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We've Been "Marked"

As of last Saturday, our home is officially for sale!

I have been working like a semi-crazy woman for a while now to get everything ready, and quite honestly to make it look like a family of 8 doesn't live here!

It is a beautiful house.  It is a great house.  It is a fabulous house.

If you don't happen to have 6 children and be open to more children in the future.

It just wasn't a good fit for us.

It was bought on impulse when Rainman got transferred down here and my doctor told me that I had only a short time left that he would let me fly down to look at houses. 

We flew down on the first flight out one Saturday morning...looked at a few houses....and flew up Saturday evening after stopping at the mortgage office to make an offer.

The whole plane ride home I was worried we had made a mistake and that all of us weren't going to comfortably fit here.

I was right.

There are great things about this house that I will miss.  The backyard and pool.  The granite counter tops.

And things I won't miss.

But, we are hoping and praying that this house will be a blessing to a family with 2 or 3 children and that we will be able to find a house in our area that was designed with a bigger family in our price range.

Faith, my dear friends, faith.

V-girl has been announcing to anyone who gives her a second look, that our house is "marked".  Then she turns to be and says, "Right, mom?  Our house is marked?"  I say yes, even though I wasn't sure what she was talking about.

Then I heard myself tell someone our house was finally on the "market" and figured it out.  When we got home later that day, she looked at the sign in our yard and said, "See?  We are marked, right, mom?"

If you know of anyone looked for a really beautiful, great family home south of Atlanta....send me a message and I will get you more information!