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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Math Rider

Oh, we had excited little people when we got a chance to review Math Rider again.

S-girl was especially excited because she was now finally old enough to ride her horse on the quest!

 photo mathriderlogo_zps7d664106.jpg

We used and reviewed this really cool math program before. 

You are a rider in this game and must jump over fences of math problems - which are your math facts from 0-12 for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as you travel on a quest.  The quest is revealed at the beginning through a sort of story/slide show.  So you have a reason to try to go faster and get all your problems correct.

This program is so great in many ways.  It is fun.  My kids really and truly ask to do their Math Rider "lesson" and fight over computer time to do it.

There are so many ways of tracking your child's progress.

The speed of the horse is designed around the speed of your child's answers and their accuracy.

If your child gets an answer wrong, they get another chance to get it right....if they still don't a voice says the problem and the they have heard  the correct answer...and then it will give it to them again.

This program was created by a dad who wanted to help his daughters to better in math...and not always have them counting on their fingers.

I think he did a brilliant job.

I even sit down sometimes (and steal the kid's account) and try a few problems.  It really is sort of addicting to try to go faster and get them all right.

If you master a level....and in this case that means getting 100% correct - there is a pretty cool graphics "reward" that your child gets.  After "we" got over the initial frustration that you had to really and truly get 100% to get the reward, it was all good.

We loved this game the last time we were lucky enough to try it and we still love it.  Like I said, S-girl was over the moon that she was finally old enough to ride her horse and do math!

You can try a free 7 day trial, by just entering you e-mail on their home page....believe me, you will be sold you on this program. 

If you want to go ahead and try this for your kids, Math Rider is $47 and that includes free software upgrades.....for life.  Yes, for life!

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