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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Month! Part 1

April is sort of a crazy birthday month around here.

Three of my four girls were born in April.

This year it has made for a particularly crazy month, since we also put our house on the market in April.

So, here is the first of an update on our birthday girls.

We will start with S-girl whose birthday comes first in the month.

We started with our usual pancake breakfast.  She turned 6 this year (in case you can't tell by my slightly deformed pancake).

She chose to go out to lunch with her dad for her special day and picked.....McDonald's....because I was able to talk Rainman into letting her spend some time at the playplace.  We really never go to McDonald' it is a really big deal to our 6 year old!

We had cake:

I had to choose this shot with V-girl photo bombing the picture....looking like a boy that has had a very active day! 

We had presents....even ones.....from teenage brothers.

It isn't totally readable in the picture, but it says:

"This coupon is redeemable for Spending time with Doug!!!  Yay!  You get to choose what we do together! (smiley face)"

Here are her other presents:

Most things were princess related....or just pink.  No I do not know what Doug and A-girl are doing back there.  Notice V-girl looks more like a girl now....but she still has the crazy hair thing going on....and she is, once again, photo bombing her sister's birthday picture!

Overall, S-girl had a great day....although I am not sure if her wish came true....

I love you more than you will ever know, S-girl!