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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Strangeness

I am writing this post from my mom's house in Minnesota.  It wass 4 degrees below zero on Thanksgiving  morning.  Of course, I am here for the coldest Thanksgiving in 84 years! 


Our plans changed at the last minute this year.  The original plan was for me to fly up on Sunday and mom and I would leave on Monday to begin our yearly trek to get her to Arizona for the winter.  But, at the last minute, mom had a few doctors appointments she needed to have and decided she wasn't ready to leave yet. 

My nephew was in a play at his school, and I didn't want to miss I decided to come up anyway.

(Isn't he an evil sort of way?)

So, I am in Minnesota for the week.  All by myself.  We had picked this time for me to travel with mom because Rainman was off Monday through Wednesday.  He did have to work on Thanksgiving, (which he does most every year).  Since I was also gone, we debated about what to do for the kids....

We are blessed with fantastic friends and my friend, Sherri, said that the kids could just come spend Thanksgiving with her family.  Now, remember everyone..... I have 6 kids.  Yes, six!  And, Sherri, just invited them all over to share their meal....without any parental supervision!

Mom and I were alone for Thanksgiving....because we were supposed to be in Arizona eating out at a restaurant before I flew home on Friday....from Arizona.

Our other family members already had Thanksgiving plans and we decided we didn't want to force or guilt anyone into taking us in for  a pity dinner.  So, we just decided that we would find someplace to eat out  her in Minnesota.  My sister came up with a great idea!

We went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater for a Thanksgiving lunch and show!  I was ridiculously excited.  We used to go to the Chanhassen about once a year when we lived in Minnesota.  I haven't found anything like it in Georgia.  Great food.  Great entertainment.  People like Amy Adams got their start here.  Yes, that Amy Adams. 

It was definitely not a traditional Thanksgiving celebration, but it was  awesome to do this with my mom....just the two of us!  We took a wrong turn or two (right after we were talking about how great it is to have someone else help you navigate because you don't get lost!).  But we made it.  The show was great fun.  The food was good.  We got a combo plate that had both ham and turkey.  We split a chocolate/caramel cheescake.

We were home by 5:00 and we just had a relaxing night drinking hot apple cider (remember...coldest Thanksgiving in Minnesota in 84 years) 

Non-traditional Thanksgiving for sure.  But it was fun.  I talked to my kids and they assured me that they were very well behaved the WHOLE time they were at Sherri's house and Sherri has yet to tell me otherwise, so I am going with....It Went Great!