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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Girls

My girls are growing up.  Yes....too fast.

I have decided that it doesn't help my littles to keep their "little girl" when there are teenagers around.

They see the things their big sisters are doing and wearing and want to be like them.

I get it.

I used to do the same to Karen when we were growing up.  Drove her crazy!

I am not sure if Kandi felt the same way about me, since there were almost 12 years between us.  I was probably basically a nerdy grown whose fashion choices were to be avoided at all costs!

They play dress up and put together outfits for each other.  I love that idea, in theory.

But, then my 5 year old walks out of her room, puts her hand on her hip and asked for her picture to be taken.

Yikes!  Where is my baby?????

Or, they surprise me by straightening S-girls beautiful wavy hair....

Then, I find that L-girl is taking duck faced selfies on my camera - since none of us have smart phones that can do it!

And then....A-girl.  A-girl went from this......

To this.....

It looks really pretty, but it seems like such a grown up thing to do.  Her coloring definitely supports being a red head (I have 2 red headed siblings, a few red headed neices and nephews....and according to the anesthesiologist at my C-section with S-girl, I AM also a red head!)

My babies!  Where have my babies gone????