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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Happenings Around Here - Part 2

We got home late Sunday night from our drive to Indiana and our activities began bright and early Monday morning...with these two heading out for a guy's day, seeing the new Star Wars movie.

A-man even dressed up for the occasion - Nerf gun included!

Meanwhile, the little girls that I usually babysit weren't feeling well, so, their mom took the day off and stayed home with them.  Normally, that would have made me really sad to have to miss seeing their cute little faces.  But, this time, it mean that instead of just dropping my girls off at the gingerbread house party planned by my friend, Miss B and her husband Mr. J, I got to stay and be with them. 


They took the time to premake all the houses for us, so they would be nice and sturdy when the girls put their graham crackers and candies on.

But, first, we had lunch.....Miss B even had ginger bread shaped cheese for our sandwiches.

Anybody else think S-girl in her little pearls is just adorable?!?

A-girl and L-girl were the official gingerbread house helpers, but when the little girls were done, there was still one house left undecorated.  However, the little girls had used up just about all the candies and special, colorful things.  So, they went for a more rustic look with Cheerios, saltines and graham crackers with one life saver wreath on their door.  Personally, I love their Cheerio sidewalk.

After they finished their masterpieces, Mr. J. had a surprise for them upstairs.  Trains and castles and parachuting little men (he is a former paratrooper).  Totally cool things everywhere you look.

But, guess what the girls had the most fun with?

His drum set!  Those girls banged and boomed and performed rim shot after rim shot after rim shot on those babies.

Plus, the cymbals.

You can't forget the cymbals.

Just take a moment to imagine those 5 little girls being given unlimited access to all things noisy.

It was a cacaphony of giggling and "music".

Miss B and I escaped downstairs while Mr. J just stood back and smiled at the obvious joy the girls were getting from being let loose with the drums.

Suffice it to say, they had a ton of fun and I was glad that I got to be there to watch the magic happen.

Their friends, CB and ZB hitched a ride home with us because their mom wasn't feeling well. So, the party continued in our van for the ride home. (which also meant that the wheeling and dealing and trying to get the parents to agree to keep the fun going and let them come in and stay and not just drop them off was constant.  Nobody cared that one mom was exhausted and the other mom wasn't feeling well.  They just kept saying, "It will be okay.  My mom won't mind."  LOL  I had to laugh at their tenacity and optimism.)

More Christmas coming soon!