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Monday, December 21, 2015


Yup....totally forgot to post about our Thanksgiving.   My computer was in the shop getting fixed (if by getting fixed you mean....losing everything that is on there and having to get another new hard drive installed - 3rd one in 2 years.  Don't even get me started on what pictures were lost - since my external hard drive that I was backing everything onto also crashed and burned) 

Anyway, not sure if you will even care about our Thanksgiving, but here it is.  Rainman was off work, so we had a quiet, Thanksgiving day with just us, at home. The girls and I got to watch Hallmark Christmas movies.  It was awesome.

I watched the parade while I got things going in the kitchen.  My little girls helped me make yeast rolls (we should have halved the made waaaaay too many)

I made two pies (apple and pumpkin) and my friend made an extra pumpkin chiffon pie.  We we were good for a few days.

I love my island.

My sweet friend, Alex made us some homemade mac & cheese (pretty much all A-man ate!) and banana pudding too.   Yummmy!

I actually made a box of Stove Top stuffing this time, not my usual homemade, and guess what?  I should have been making Stove Top all along.  LOL  It was fantastic.  We also wised up about our favorite holiday salad....Tequilaberry's salad (named for an old restaurant in Minnesota we used to go to)....instead of making one huge bowl of it that would get soggy(you put the dressing on top and then mix it all up right before it gets served), we just divided it into two smaller bowls, so the second one didn't get soggy.  Brilliant move that I am not sure why it took us so many years to think of.

As I move into Christmas week, I wanted to reiterate how thankful I am for these people and this life I am getting to live.