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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Despite the usual craziness this time of year, I had one of those rare quiet moments where I found myself smiling and having a moment of clarity that I was really content.


Granted, with the number of people I am living with, it didn't last super long, but I am claiming it nonetheless!

It had been a pretty busy day, school drop offs/pick ups.  Babysitting handsome little boys.

(Seriously?  Could he be any cuter in his little jacket?!?!)

Volunteering at my church, handling office duties, during their staff meeting.  Helping a friend try out my beloved Jamberry nail wraps.

(I am sorry, but if those aren't some of the cutest little gingerbread fingernails, there is something wrong!)

I had made dinner.  Nothing fancy.  Just oven roasted chicken thighs and canned green beans.

I washed pots and pans (the usual 3 sinkfuls or so....).  Rainman was in the living room with the littles playing Sequence discussing the difference in a one-eyed Jack and  a two-eyed Jack.  (By the way, I should have added that one to my gift ideas post!)

My three bigs were volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse.

I did have a moment during my evening where I thought about the fact that we were separated like in my dreams (although in my dreams, Rainman was always with the bigs, so I figured we were safe from both gorillas and aliens)

Anyway, at one point, I found myself wiping down the kitchen counter and having that moment.  The moment where I realized that my bigs were off doing good things. Rainman and the kids were playing a game.  I had succeeded in feeding them a good dinner.  I had filled my day with good, worthy things.  And, my kitchen wasn't completely trashed.

I really did just stop and smile, all by myself in my kitchen.   It was a good feeling.  Just simply content.