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Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Happenings - Don't Worry....This Is Finally The End!

If you have read my blog up until now, you will have seen that I somehow forgot to plant us all in front of the Christmas tree for pictures either before or after our Christmas Eve service.  That fact made me pretty sad.  But, when I saw these next two pictures, I got sort of mad....

So, yes, these two apparently had time for their own little photo shoot in front of the tree and didn't think to do it in front of me, or say something so I could shove everybody else over there in front of the tree!  (They are so pretty and awesome, so it is hard to stay mad at them!)

Anyway, Christmas morning came fairly early for us.  Rainman had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  So, we got up early and had Christmas before he headed into work to open presents.  The kids started what I think will probably be a new tradition of them all sleeping upstairs, like a big, loud, thumpy, slumber party.   
Heading down to see if Santa came......

He did.

Rainman cracks me up just lounging over there.

A-girl LOVES elephants, so her sisters went in on a huge one for her.

Should I even explain this one, ladies?  Aren't we all just married to big kids?

If you are my friend on Facebook, this was the gift you saw me regretting later on Christmas Day. They love these.  They are obsessed with walkie talkies.  The problem came with them using them while they are sitting in the same room together....with me.  I am happy to report that a week out now they have calmed down with using them in that annoying way.  They have actually come in handy for me to get a hold of them when they are outside and I need them.  I am sure the neighbors appreciate that I am not just hanging out the front door yelling for them!
 Not sure why this son of a White Sox fan, who lives near where the Atlanta Braves play, actually has a thing for the Toronto Blue Jays, but he does.

 Santa brought a karoake machine and CD's with 100 70's songs.  Our only problem is we only have one t.v. that works to show the words and it is the little one in the kitchen.  But, it much loved by all!

 V-girl got some real stuff in her doctor's kit.  It is a hit.  She even went and got one of the jackets for one of her Sunday dresses to use as a lab coat.

S-girl got a loom.  We are all a little obsessed with it.  I have decided I want a big one to make rugs.  Obsessed, I tell you.

 Here she is working on her first scarf.

V-girl decided she wanted to have a Christmas party and made little bulletins for us all.

 Pray time, food, Bible time, Christmas songs.  This makes me so happy.

We also started a new tradition based on an idea we got from a Hallmark movie.  It was a Very Merry Mix Up, with Alicia Witt, in case you are wondering.  The idea we got was  - everyone gets a cup in front of them, and you each write something nice, anonymously, about everyone in the room and then that person reads them aloud and tries to guess who said what.  We are doing it again on New Year's Eve, because there were a few people that didn't totally understand the whole "nice" concept.  One of A-man's comments for one of his sisters was "Clammy"  LOL!

I did a little better than "clammy"  with my little slips of paper.

It was a really good Christmas despite the fact that Rainman had to rush off to work.  We didn't have a lot of money to spend (not unusual) but I feel like we were really able to surprise most of the kids with some of the things that they really wanted.

Plus, the kids and Rainman got me sweet gifts...

S-girl made me a "Mom's rubing coupons" book.  That is supposed to say "rubbing"....because I like to have my back rubbed (who doesn't).  The rest of them are pretty self explanatory.  I feel very blessed to have Rainman for a husband and the 6 little fridge openers to call my own.