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Friday, January 15, 2016

Have You Heard of Trim Healthy Mama stuff?

I have heard about it for years, because I get a magazine written by the authors mom, called Above Rubies.  I actually starting eating the THM way before all my thyroid stuff and lost about 40 pounds.  It was great.  Once I learned which foods to avoid, which kinds of food not to combine, and, let's be honest, some chocolate and sweet stuff that I enjoyed the taste of, it was much easier.

But, then, my thyroid stuff happened and I decided to heck with it and went back to eating what I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Of course, I gained everything back.  (sad sound effect here)

My thyroid "stuff" has not gone away, but, my being okay with my size has definitely gone away. (My regular doctor said he thinks I might have to go back to an endocrinologist since my numbers are mystifying him.  Boo.)

It is stupid and frustrating to be this size.

It is stupid and frustrating to not recognize myself when I see myself in a picture.

It is stupid and frustrating to get winded just walking up a flight of stairs.

It is stupid and frustrating the wear out your pants  just below your crotch, because your thighs rub together too much.

It is stupid and frustrating to have to ask for a seat belt extender when you fly.  (Although thanks to my friend Myra, I now own my very own extender and won't have to whisper that question to a flight attendant ever again)

I have the original (slightly confusing) Trim Healthy Mama book.  I still recommend the book and the eating plan, but it did take some mental gymnastics on my part to really understand what I was supposed to be doing.  The Facebook groups definitely helped with that too.  When I bought their book, is was almost $40, but it come down to around $20ish now.

Since I have stopped  follow their eating plans, they have written a simplified version of the big book, and created a separate cookbook.  The original book was both, but it was a little hard to know where to look for stuff.

I might need to brush up on a few things, but I think I still have the concept of eating like this down.  It really is just a mental shift in how you approach food.  But, if you are completely new to this, I have heard really good things about the simplified version of their book, so go ahead take the plunge!

What I am most excited about, and planning to actually spend money on, is their new cookbook.

I have been watching people try recipes out and post their experiences in the FB group.  Lots of them are saying that their families are even liking the recipes.  That is a big deal right there.  If I don't have to eat separately from my family all the time, that would be a huge help.

So, I am heading back in this direction.  Back on the road to becoming a trim healthy mama.

Actually, being a trim healthy mama seems like a complete foreign concept to me.  But, I have seen some before and after pictures that are awesome and awe-inspiring...and they are moms like me. Busy homeschooling moms that one day looked in the mirror and couldn't figure out how that frumpy, fat lady got into her bathroom.

I know myself well enough to know that I won't be militant in how I follow this eating plan (but I wasn't before and I still lost 40 pounds, so....fingers crossed....)  I will let you know how I like the recipes...and if I have progress pictures, I will try to get the courage to put those on here too.  But, pray for me...wish me luck....join me on my journey....whichever one you want.

Full disclosure time:  This post does contain affiliate links, which means that if you click over and actually decide to get any of the stuff I showed you, I may get a commission.  Your purchase price won't change though, so, don't worry.