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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Milestone That Did NOT Make Me Weepy!

I actually experienced a life milestone with one of my kids and it didn't make me weepy.

I know, right?

My boy....D-man....voted for the first time today.  Our schedules even lined up so we could go together.

So many of the milestones and rights of passage that come for the kids end up making me weepy at the thought of how much my baby has grown.

But, this one, today, just made me smile.

He has actually spent more time watching debates than I have.  He and Rainman have talked and discussed the pros and cons of all the candidates, strategized about who they think would be better for the nation, debated the merits of being a "decent" man in Washington D.C.  They have both shouted at the t.v. when someone said something that they felt was particular boneheaded, because they had done their research and knew not to just accept blindly what was being touted as "fact".

He and I did not vote for the same candidate, but we both understand why the other person voted the way they did and don't hate each other for our choices.

I am still smiling.  He just rolled his eyes when I said I wanted to get a picture of us, but I assume, one day, this picture will make him smile too.