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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I didn't sleep well last night, because of V-girl.

For some reason, she had a restless night last night. 

She came in shortly after everyone went to bed and said she wanted to sleep with Rainman and I.

Rainman told her to come sleep beside the bed and he would hold her hand.  (That is her thing for calming down and going to sleep - she likes to have her hand held.)

For those of you who don't know, we keep a mini bed set up beside our bed.  It has pillows and blankets, etc.  So, the kids all know that if they have a bad dream or just want to be near us, they can just come in and lay down.....most times, they don't even wake us up, they just come in and make themselves at home.  We discover them in the morning when we step on them.  (although my "Mom radar" is almost always on, so I usually know somebody has come in). Makes for a much better nights sleep for everyone!

Anyway, V-girl came in last night, laid down next to our bed and Rainman held her hand until she fell asleep.

At some point, she ended up rolling under the bed and then thumped her head and started crying.  So, Rainman got her out and, got her all set up again in her little bed on the floor.

Then a little while later she did the same thing.  I told him to just put her in bed with us so we could all get some sleep.

She is getting pretty big now and she likes to stretch out when she is sleeping.

At one point, I rolled over and must have bumped her or landed on her.  Without waking up, she started having a fit.  She was kicking and yelling (incoherently) that I needed to move and get off.  I guess that is her natural response since she has always shared a bed with someone...(protecting her turf)!

I said, "It's mommy.  Mommy is laying next to you."

As soon as I said the word "mommy" she stopped.

Just stopped.

No kicking.  No yelling.  Nothing.

I smiled to myself about this instant response to me.....

My voice.

My name.

Then it hit me.

That is a lot of responsibility.

To be that person  - that even when she is not even entirely awake -  that she trusts enough to stop fighting....and just be calm and quiet....knowing that I wouldn't do anything to harm her.


It only took me 6 kids to have that epiphany.