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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Change Appears To Be Coming.....

Well, I think we have sold our house.

We had a few bumps with our inspection.....of course, all the areas of concerns they found, had passed our inspection perfectly 4 years ago.  We haven't done anything to make them areas of concern, I assure you.

The appraisal happens today....and if that goes well.....we will be moving by month's end.


Month's end.

This month.


Ask me if I have started packing yet?

I haven't.

I think once the door hits the appraisor's butt, I will break out the cardboard boxes and tape.  I think.

Maybe I should wait and make sure the numbers are okay?

Uggg....I don't know.    My brain won't shut off these days.  It is filled with "what ifs" and "whens".  There is so much background paperwork needed that it feels like all I am doing is signing things, copying things, sending multiple copies to various interested parties.  In between the paperwork, I am assuring future buyers that my house where I have been raising 6 children, is perfectly safe and will not spontaneously combust.  Oh, yeah and school.  We have been teaching school.

I have a feeling that my children may be getting an unplanned fall break this year!

I will keep you posted.  If you are the praying type, please consider praying that the appraisal and all the events that must follow go smoothly.