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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little House Progress....Not Sure I Am Loving It...

I have made some progress on painting and making the new house more "ours".  I got all the wallpaper border removed...and just doing that really lightened things ups.  I have moved on to the painting portion of my plans.  

Reminder of the "Befores"

Remember....that green is really darker than it looks in that is more like it shows up in this one....


I forgot a little how hard it is to fit in painting with the running of a homeschooling household with 6 of which is a teenager who can't drive yet, and needs to be driven to numerous things. 

I also forgot how messy your house gets when you take time that you would normally use to do laundry and wash dishes and paint.

So, I have made a little progress....I am happy with some of my work...not sure I love the other parts.

I mean...look how pretty my color swatches are together?!?!

And, here are my fabrics that I am choosing between for my curtain topper thingies in the kitchen.  Pretty, right?  I am leaning towards the one with the bigger flowers - I love the colors and it reminds me of some curtains that my Grandma Pearl had in her house (now if I could only get her black and white kitty clock that moved its eyes and tail....oh, and her telephone table....I would be happy!)

Now, here is what the colors look like on the wall in the dining room.

I just don't know about the aqua on the it feels too bold....and for me, that is saying something.

I am in the process of painting the living room (which is to the right of this wall) the same soft yellow and I am loving that.  But, I am still playing around with colors in the kitchen.  I had planned for the aqua to be a more prominent color in there....but on the wall it is much bolder than the soft color swatch I played around with before I started.

So, progress is slow, but I am still loving our new house.  It just feels.....right.

I have been behind in blogging lately....and most of the only things you have seen are reviews, but I promise I am getting back in the groove and will show you - belated now - Halloween shots and other family stuff.  Plus, I should (cross your fingers) make a decision soon about my kitchen hopefully there will be some good before and after shots from that!