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Monday, November 25, 2013

Something I Never Imagined I Would Say

My Kindle thumb is nicely recovered, thank you.  I took the weekend off of reading and finished painting my living room.

Pictures to come....if I can get my newly found camera to cooperate!

Anyway, L-girl, when she was showing me how to use my friend's Kindle, rediscovered our hand me down Kindle that we have used for a school reading assignments, but, my friend had left it stocked with books that they had read, noticed that The Hunger Games was on there.  She asked if she could read it.

Since I have read the whole series and found them fascinating, entertaining, and disturbing, I had to think about it a bit.  We talked about it.  I told her there was some really disturbing parts and kids, her age, were killed and it was treated as sport and like it was no big deal.  But, I ultimately decided she could read it.  (I look forward to our discussions after she has read it.  D-man and I had some great ones!)

So, she started reading during our travel time to Minnesota too.  Then, when we got back, she had schoolwork to catch up on, then left for a church  retreat.  She got back Sunday evening.  The kids and I snuggled up and watched a Hallmark movie. Then she decided to go read a bit.  I stayed up and watched a What Not To Wear episode (more on my reasons for that in another post). 

So, after I learned how NOT to dress, I went in to see her asleep with the Kindle and its little reading light dealie on and open right next to her.  Her hair was all flopped over her face.  She was all slumped over and curled up.

Here is where I said something I just never imagined coming out of my mouth.

I said, "Turn that book off and go to bed."


I told her to turn the book off.

I find it funny....but also a little sad that it wasn't just a "shut the book and go to bed", you know?