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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kindle Thumb

Is that a real disease?

I think it should be.

I think I have it.

You see, I just took a quick trip up to Minnesota to see my mom and sisters and see my nephew in a play.  I was really busy around here trying to get things done before we left.  It occurred to me a day or two before my flight that I hadn't made my usual trip to the library to stock up on reading material for the plane ride/wait time at the airport.

My friend, Sherri, offered to let me borrow her Kindle that had lots of books already on it.  More specifically, lots of historical romances.

In my previous life, I read voraciously.

I read just about everything I could get my hands on....but I especially enjoyed light murder mysteries and historical romance....again....light historical romances....not too much of the....(ahem) stuff....if you know what I mean.  I really liked the historical romances that had the strong female character with the man that didn't quite know what to do with her....she just wasn't like other women of the time.  Sassy.  Not insipid.

Just good, sort of mindless, but entertaining, escapist reading.

We have a really, really old hand me down, Kindle that the kids have used for some school reading, but I had never used it.

So, I accepted my friends offer of her Kindle, but I grabbed some 2 year old Good Housekeeping magazines from my stack, just in case.

L-girl and A-girl came with me to Minnesota, so they gave me a little tutorial on the plane.  I got it figured out.  I found a book to try.

Enter....Kindle thumb. 

I read the whole flight up to Minnesota, then I read the whole flight home.  When we got home I was about half-way through a book, so when I got up on Wednesday to get back to my real life (and the bachelor type mess that  greeted me when we got home) I decided to read while I read my coffee....and then start my To Do list for the day.

So, um, yeah.....I finished the book....then decided it was too late to get anything done from my list before we had to head to I started another one.  I was able to get some things done Thursday, but decided to read a little at, I read until midnight or so....then decided to finish up my book again with my coffee in the morning.  I was able to do it....and did actually get a few things done on my To Do list on Friday.....but....

Now my Kindle thumb hurts!

A lot.

I blame it on the fact that I am a fast reader and have to click the Next Page button a lot.

I forget what it is like to really just sit around and read.  Even when I should be doing other just be lost in a book. 

And, the worst part, I only feel a little bit guilty.

My right thumb really does....but I am pretty ambidextrous, now that I think about it....