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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keeping It Real....and Perhaps a Little....TMI

This morning, I was standing at our copier making some copies for our school day.  As I waited for the printer to warm up, my eyes wandered to the areas that I could see from my printer.

I started an internal, silent my children.


Kids book, bigger kid book, embroidery thread for bracelet making....

Kid book, Ziploc baggie with an unmade craft, plastic golf ball, empty cocoa container, empty plastic bag, and a....knife....

One croc....honestly....the other one was nowhere that I could see....nowhere!

Captain America shield, Guitar Hero guitar (we don't even have any video games), 2 socks....that don't match each other, a pair of broken headphones, 2 box/suitcase thingies....and, well, my shoes.

Body spray/spritzer, the rubbery part of swimming goggles, a Christmas coloring book, a piece of a baby toy and a very old package of baby wipes (seriously...not even sure where those came from....we have been out of diapers for about 2 years now!)

So, you get it, right?  I was silently seething.  I mean, how hard is it to put things back where they belong? Where did they get this idea that you don't need to put things back where they belong?

We finally have a house that has room for us....and our stuff....there are places for just about everything now. Really.

I had worked myself into a really good lather about it.....they were going to get a stern talking to when they got up.

But, then.....I looked at my dining room table.  Those are L-girls' flip flops....ON the table....but that isn't what I saw when I first looked.  I saw the white thingie in front......

Yes, my friends, this is probably a bit of a TMI situation.....but that is my bra neatly folded and left on the dining room table.

No, I hadn't been folding laundry.

I had taken it off last night when we got home from church and wanted that puppy off and soon as I walked in the I did the old Flashdance move and took it off while still fully clothed.....but my room....waaaay down the hall.....seemed too far away.

So, I folded it up and put it there.....just for now....and there it was this morning......saving my children from one of mom's lectures.

I guess I know where they get it from.