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Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Pumpkin time was sort of sad this year.  D-man never even got around to carving his, so I don't have the traditional picture of all the kids with their pumpkins together.  It is that kind of stuff that, if I let it, can make me totally break down in tears.  The other kids have individual pictures, but their pumpkins started rotting almost it was kind of a bust all the way around.  Oh, and we made pumpkin seeds, but someone stacked up the cookie sheets and put them in the sink - with seeds still on the pan - so, we had a soggy sinkful of pumpkin seeds that couldn't be eaten.  Guess who had to clean them out of the sink/drain?

(D-man's pumpkin.  Emoji  Honestly.....I got teary a few times on Halloween this year, because I realized that this was probably D-man's last time to come with us.  Especially, early in the night when Rainman and D-man were - as they say in the south - being ugly with each other.  Oh, I boo-hooed to Rainman that I didn't want the night to be remembered with them fighting, especially over stupid stuff like a dirty shower.  D-man will be in college next year and I am fairly certain that coming home to trick or treat with us will be far down on his list of things to do on Halloween, for his new college life.  Emoji)

We had different Halloween this year than we have had since we moved to Georgia.  If you remember, way back when we first moved here, our mortgage guy and his family, took pity on us and invited us to go Trick or Treating with their family.

We became great friends and the tradition continued for the past 5 years....then.....they moved.

Boo for us, but yay for them.  He had a horrible...horrible, commute to his job.

But, it meant that we were on our own for Halloween this year.

We had fun, but as we were climbing into bed that night, S-girl said to me, "That was fun tonight, but it just wasn't the same not going with "The Smiths".  It was way more fun with them."

I agree.  It was weird to be here in the south, asking people for candy without them by our side.  LOL

We did look cute though.

 J-girl joined us, which was nice, because she lives in the same neighborhood that our friends, "The Smiths" did, so we still went Trick or Treating in the same neighborhood.

D-man and J-girl were Jim and Pam from The Office...he is 3 hole punch Jim and she is Pam, dressed up as a cat.

It actually ended up being a good night of networking for her, because she met people from her neighborhood that she didn't know.  She got a few babysitting jobs and even a tutoring job out of the night - in addition to candy!  I would call that a win!

A-girl was a completely adorable scarecrow.

 (Isn't she looking grown up?)

L-girl was a deer (insert numerous deer in the headlights jokes from Rainman here....ask L-girl if they got old. )

She was afraid that she looked like a little girl in her costume (a big fear for a 13 year old).  In my opinion, she looked old,  pretty and definitely not like a little girl.

A-man was a little boring this year...but, funny, nonetheless.

(Can you tell from his little grin that he has recently been referred to an orthodontist for his teeth? So far, only my boys have needed braces.  Thumbs up for that.)

S-girl was a wind up doll.

(We experimented with dresses and picked the top one because it hid the ribbon holding her wind up thingie onto her back.)

V-girl was a little old lady.

This one was before we painted her cane and added aging make-up, but it showed her fake butt better.

Rainman went as a dad, with his hands in his pockets, taking his kids trick or treating.  I can get him to dress up every 2 or 3 years or so.  

And me?  What was I, you say?

I was Darla from Finding Nemo.  Attractive, aren't I?

Our night ended with the traditional candy trade. (I have to laugh at the charges/devices near my teenage people)

I am not sure why this picture makes me so happy, but it does.  Aww.....I just love all these humans!