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Monday, June 3, 2013

What's the Pointillism?

This is a review.

You know that Lion King song.....Can you see the light tonight???  Elton John sings it....

Yes, that one.  That is what I thought of everytime someone mentioned See The Light.

See the Light is an at home art curriculum.  Before I go into a lot of details, I will say that they have a ton of different classes you can try.  We got to try Pointillism Fruit.  Now does my post title make sense?

There are Art Project DVDs available and Art Class DVDs.  This was one of their Art Project DVDs, which is really more focused on a specific type of art or technique and not just general art knowledge. 

This product is just what it says it will teach you and your kids art....both art history/recognition and techniques.  I will admit I got a few groans (even from my more creative children) when I first said I wanted us to sit down and do some art.  But, then I showed them the supplies I had gotten, paper, Q-tips, and little bottles of paint.  That shut them right up.

This video was recommended for ages 10+, but you know me.....A-girl down to V-girl participated.  I would have made D-man do it, but he wasn't home for most of the lessons.  The class is taught by master artist Pat Knepley.  Ms. Knepley is a very happy and positive teacher.  And, even though her frequent references to the students watching the video as "friends" sent my kids into giggles....they all had a blast.  They all learned some things.  They all created beautiful pictures using the pointillism techniques (putting dots of color near each other and letting your eyes put them together in the picture - sort of like the pixels on your T.V. screen).

We started sort of poorly.  We had picked out fruit and sketched it out, then took a break.

Here is what we started with....

Then our grapes went bad and started leaking juice on the, we substituted a banana....and then this happened.....

Someone ate our art!

So, we got wise and also realized that we shouldn't wait so long between lessons.  We picked more fruit, threatened anyone who came close to it, and sat down and worked on the project from start to finish in one day.

Our new subjects:

A watermelon, an apple and a slice of cantaloupe.

Here are some finished products:

When I caught L-girl and A-girl rewatching the lessons and working on additional projects and using things other than fruit, I was pleasantly surprised.  Then they asked the million dollar question.  "Are there anymore of these videos with other projects?  Can we get some?"

I loved the art history that was woven into the lessons and knew that things were getting through my sweet children's sometimes thick skulls when we were looking at something else and my kids spotted a Seurat picture amongst many other paintings. 

This product was a huge hit at our house and had the perfect trifecta for a homeschooling mom:  Kids had fun.  Kids learned something.  Kids want to learn more.

See The Light Shine has a blog that gives some fun art tips and just helps with some general art knowledge and terminology too.

You can get the Pointillism Fruit DVD for $14.99.  But, she has them available in a set too, so if you think your budding little artist will want to try more than one of these DVDs, check out that option. I am planning to save up and get the set.

The TOS Reviews picked from a wide variety of options for this review.  So, seriously, go take a look at some of their works of art and their thoughts about these video lessons.