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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Like all bloggers out there, I love to get comments.  I don't get a lot....but, I am happy with what I get.  But, lately, (in my world, that means the last few months), I haven't been seeing or getting too many comments.

I switched from the regular blogspot comments, a long time ago, to Disqus because that is what my sister, Kandi, used.  (Reverse peer pressure....she is my younger sister!)

Anyway, a while back, Disqus went through some kind of upgrade.  I think this is where the problem started.  I thought I had upgraded along with it....(there was some weird conversation going on between Marilyn Monroe and James who knows!)....but.....ever since then.....things have not worked right.

People have told me that they can't comment on my blog anymore.

I can't go to my blog and reply to (or even see) the comments that do come through.

I do get some comments, but I can only see them/read them in my e-mail and I have no way of replying to them that way.

So, first of all, if you have commented and thought I was ignoring you....I am sorry....I'm not, I am just technologically challenged.

If any of you more technologically advanced people know what my problem is....or what the problem is with Disqus.....or a better tool to use for commenting.....PLEASE.....let me know....if Disqus lets you!


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