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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Motherboard Books

This is a review.

We got a chance to try some computer programming, using Motherboard Books

L-girl got to design a webpage using their Let's Make a Web Page lessons. 

This is a short and sweet program  that really does guide you through the basics of setting up your own web page.  L-girl (age 11) only got frustrated once or twice and was mostly able to do this as an independent project and proudly show off her finished result. 

A webpage that she created using a free trial of CoffeeCup HTML software.

This program was created by Phyllis Wheeler (a.k.a. The Computer Lady) and designed for teach 8-12 year olds how to successfully create a web page.  Her products are definitely geared towards homeschoolers, but would be valuable to anyone who has an interested in knowing more about computers.

Let's Make a Web Page consists of a 60 page e-book that goes over things like; how to download and set up the program, adding text and pictures, and how to get your webpage to upload to the internet. 

This is one ebook that we didn't need to print it off.  (Remember, I have a thing about being able to hold my books.)  L-girl just had the Let's Make a Web Page ebook open in a tab and would flip back and forth between the two tabs, as she was working.

I really liked that the instructions were up front and straight forward about what to do next.  They always had pictures too.  You know?  The "do this and then your screen should look like this"....kind of thing. 

By following the instructions, L-girl was able to be creative and make this....a website 

Like I said, I think there were two times where L-girl came to me and said something like, "It's not working!"  But, then I would go sit and she would explain what she had done and how, then we would read through the book together and see where she had gone wrong.  Once she got the hang of it, she whizzed right through making her webpage.  I will say sometimes the process and detailed stuff left her kind of bored....(I don't think she has a future as a computer programmer).  But, I am happy with her end results.  She followed through, got to be a little creative and whether she realizes it or not, she took some of the mystery of computers for herself - which will be a great thing as she gets older.

Motherboard Books has lots of products designed to take the mystery of computers.  Go take a look around and even try out her free internet scavenger hunt!

The Let's Make A Web Page program is available for $19.95. 

The other TOS reviewers got a chance to try this same product or try a more intense program on Logo.  Go take a look and see what they thought.