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Friday, September 23, 2011

Tri-Cross - Game for Competitors

We are a game family.  The kids often accuse us of raising them like it is still 1950....because we don't have video games and some of the other technology that is available.....although I definitely do NOT walk around wearing my high heels and pearls.....ever.   We play a lot of games.  We don't have an official, designated, game night like many families do....but actually, most nights end up as game night around here.... and here is a new one that has made our rotation.

I got the chance to review a game called Tri-Cross

It is a simple.....yet, sort of.....complicated game.  I am not going to try to explain it to you when there is a wonderful video that both explains and shows you how this game works!

See?  Simple....yet, complicated.
I will admit that Rainman played this one with the kids more than I did....because he likes strategy games and Tri-Cross is a strategy game.  I am more of a trivia game kind-a I didn't like this one too much.  I find strategy games sort of stressful.  Rainman and the kids though?  They loved it.

No wussy video tutorial needed here when you have  Rainman perusing the rules!

One of the cool things about this game (mostly from a parent's perspective) is that the game goes really fast....but, in A-girl's words, "The game goes so fast, you don't really have time to lose interest in it".  So, If you only have a few minutes for a game....that is don't need to have a big chunk of time to play.

We are still playing at the beginner level, but this is a game where you can advance and have the games get tougher and more challenging as you go....again, not my cup of tea....but it is Rainman's cup of tea - I mean, like, if he actually drank tea!
Here is a little tidbit about the more advanced options:

Like I said, we are definitely not to this point yet....but Rainman is hopeful he will soon have a noble adversary.
There is an eco-friendly/travel type version of the game too.  It has the same pieces as the regular game, but, the board is a sturdy canvas-y type fabric, and instead of coming in a big cardboard box, the game comes in a drawstring bag. 

If this kind of eco-friendly product interests you, there is more specific information here.  Games for Competitors is so dedicated to this product that they are donating 10% of their sales of the eco-friendly version to the Captain Planet Foundation.  It even won a Dr. Toy Award for Best Green Product in 2010.

The game says it is for players ages 10 to Adult....but S-girl wanted to play sooooooo badly, that D-man played with her.  After a few games, she was actually getting the swing of things use your own judgment about what you think your kids may be able to do.  Although 4 is probably too young.

What I liked:  Again, having not personally played this game a ton, I am going to pass along what Rainman said he liked about Tri-Cross.  He said that he liked it because its a fast game and that it teaches the kids strategy and to think ahead to their possible next move.

What I didn't like:  Again, this is Rainman here.....but, he said that the only thing he didn't really like were the two player games because he felt they were too predictable.  He said that he felt like the game was way more fun with more players. 

The price of the standard Tri-Cross game is $24.95, the eco-friendly version is $19.95 and I just realized there is also a wood board version for $35.95.  You can order them from the Games for Competitors site directly or click here for a list of retailers. 

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I received a free Tri-Cross game in exchange for an honest review of this product.