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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love and Creativity

I am not away from my kids a whole heck of a lot.  Which, honestly, is fine by me.  (I even got a little teary the other day thinking that D-man is going to be in college in 4 years.  Four really short years.)

Recently, though, that has changed.

I finally made a bunch of long overdue doctor's appointments that I had been putting off....eyes checked, lady parts checked, blood pressure checked, reality check about my weight, etc. 

In Minnesota, I usually just brought all the kids with me to my appointments.  I figured that is how they would learn what happens at doctor's appointments and how to sit and be patient while waiting. I think it has one is super scared of the doctor and they are all pretty well behaved while we wait.  I will admit that it probably helped that I used to work with most of the doctors and nurses that we were there to, after my appointment, we usually made the rounds visiting...and, of course, my friends had treats or stickers for the kids!

Down here in Georgia though....where I know no one.....walking into a doctor's appointment with 6 kids does not result in cries of exaltation....but, actually seems to be rather frowned upon.....I try to schedule my appointments when Rainman is home.

I miss having company when I am waiting, but, there is something to be said for peace and quiet, singing along to the radio, and not exposing them to the coughs and germs of others.

Plus, when I come home, people run outside to greet me as soon as they hear the garage door go up....just like the jubilant welcome home that Rainman gets when he comes home from work. 

I see why he likes it.  It makes you feel loved....and like you were missed.  Now, if I could only work on greeting him in something other than sweat pants and a pony tail....he would have it made!

So, I came home the other day from an appointment and this is what was waiting for me on the table....courtesy of A-man.

Labeled and guarded with a fork.

He made me lunch.  He chopped everything himself.....and was also responsible for plate presentation!  See the one crouton on top?

He also recently made this in our backyard and insisted that his sister take a picture of it/him.

Yeah, I don't know what to think either. 

But, I love this little man....even if I don't always understand what is going on in his head.

It was creative, on that note, here are some other creative things that have been going on around our house lately.

Our church youth group hosted a Mystery Night recently and A-girl went as Daphne....she talked another girl into being Velma (who else thought her name was Thelma when they were growing up?) and a boy into being Shaggy. She thought she had D-man talked into going as Fred....but he chickened out at the last minute ( I think it was the ascot).  I am proud of her for not caving into fear that no one else would dress up and went for it.  She looked awesome!

The girls did some stamp painting with celery recently.  I can find the before pictures....but not the after, just use your imagination....

Don't they look like flowers?

L-girl made crayon cookies with broken bits of crayons....something we seem to have a lifetime supply of around here...

A-girl made herself a new headband.

Can you tell what the flower is made out of?

Try taking a look from this angle...

It is made from melted plastic spoons!  Isn't that cool?!?

Alright....I think that is all the creativity I have for you today.  I am sure there will be more later!