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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Okay, Where Were We?

Alright, I am pretty much back from my little hiatus from blogging.  I was going to try to be one of those "career" type bloggers who blog every day or so even when they are traveling.

But, I find that my other "careers" as mom, wife, teacher, cook, diswasher, and church helper seem to take priority.

So, while I had intended to blog about our 3 week long road trip out west.....I couldn't.  I did take our ancient laptop with....but, since it is ancient, I had no way of transferring pictures from my camera to the computer.

So, now I am home again, after another quick trip to Tennessee for a beautiful outdoor family wedding and  I can start to show you a bit our trip.

On our way to Oklahoma we saw this town.....which happens to boast my maiden name.

They even had their own newspaper!

I even got out of the van, so Rainman could take my picture by the post office sign.  Then, I saw it and decided I looked waaaaaay too large to share with the world......but, suffice it to say, I was really excited!

I know, I am easily excited in my old age!

Back to our trip......When S-girl was a baby we took another 3 week road trip along Route 66.  We had a blast staying at little roadside motels and finding stuff from the movie Cars.  The thing that we didn't plan so well was making sure some of the stuff we wanted to see would be open when we were there.

There were one museum in particular that we had wanted to visit, but arrived in town right at closing time.  So, when Rainman was planning this trip, he wanted to make sure it was open, so we could stop there.

It was the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma.

It was really more of a history museum.....with lots of stuff on cowboys and the wild west....but did have an interesting section on Route 66.  The part we had the most fun in was the barn with all the old tractors and old tools that the kids could try.

With the obligatory disclaimer about injuries.

There was even.....

A phone booth!

It was a fun little museum (especially if you are into rodeo history).

This was just the beginning of our, more to come...... including a phone call that made me think our house was on fire. 

Interesting what comes to mind when you get that phone call......