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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Goodness

I feel very scatterbrained lately.  The house is still for sale.  Nobody seems interested.  Our realtor wants us to lower our price....again. 

VBS is over.  I am so happy.  I really do have a love/hate relationship with it.  My kids have a blast.  I can tell most of the other kids have a great time too.  It is just so exhausting for me....not just because I taught the music and motions to the songs....but dealing with other people's children who don't know or care about my rules....somehow takes the wind out of my sails....if that makes any sense.  It is over.  It was good.  The songs are still stuck in my head.

S-girl has officially lost both of her front teeth and she couldn't possibly be any cuter, could she?

S-girl and V-girl have finally hit the stages in their lives where they are true friends and do everything together.  It is so fun to watch their relationship and their way of communicating with each other grow.  I do step in occassionally to give them ideas on how their conversations could have gone better and the other person wouldn't have gotten angry.  Let me just say this, V-girl is a bossy little thing.

We went to a garage sale at the house we are hoping to buy and the very sweet current owners let us have this costume for free!  I have a feeling there will be some wheeling and dealing going on around Halloween as to who actually gets to wear this one.

Found this one on my camera.....

Apparently, one of my children thought this tub of "almost" butter was photo worthy.

We found this at a garage sale for Rainman for Father's Day.  It had never been used or put together.  The sticker price was $179.99.  We got it for $40.

The kids have had a blast with it.  Rainman has used it quite a bit too (although I don't have a picture of him).  He is currently trying to get 100 1 minute, I think.  So far the closest he has gotten is 96.  V-girl and S-girl are surprisingly good at this too.  And A-girl and L-girl have daily battles and have given themselves quite the work out....they are both sporting pulled and overused muscles at the moment.  Their battles are pretty fierce and someone usually leaves unhappy.

Okay....that is all for now.  Pray for our housing is not looking good for us to get out of here this summer like I wanted to.  I am trying to trust in God's timing.  I am trying to be a big girl.  A mature adult.  Someone who looks at the numbers and makes the best decision for my family. 

But, really, I just want to sit in the corner and pout until I get my way.....and get out of this house.