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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kitchen Island

Okay, so remember our kitchen before????

There, in the middle, is Rainman's skinny little dresser trying hard to work as an island.....

And then, wonderful, fabulous, Mark gave me a temporary island to try out?

And, now, my actual island.....even though it is still a bit of a work in progress...because I still need to paint the bottom.  But, look!

Isn't it fantastic?  

I was originally just wanting plain boards and a pseudo-butcher block look. As Mark and got to talking though, I explained that Rainman (despite there being cutting boards available any direction you turn in the kitchen) still continues to cut on the countertops....including his old dresser/island.  That lead us to conversations about having to sand and seal the wood top a few times a year.

Well, I am sorry, but my plate of noodles doesn't not have room for one more noodle that has to remember to sand and seal the island....and allow it time to dry before people start using it again.

So, Mark went to the store, planning to research sealants that I wouldn't have to do so often and found.....floor tiles.....that look like wood!

Yes......these are porcelain floor tiles!

He mounted them without grout lines and just did a bead of silicone in between the planks so there won't be any damage if liquid leaks between.

We can put hot pans right on them and even  cut on these (yes, hard on knives....but Rainman doesn't know where my good knives are).

It looks and feels fabulous.  Even though it looks rough, like weathered is smooth.  Crazy.

I painted the trim around the edge a grey that I thought blended pretty well with the top, so it doesn't look like it is floor tiles mounted in a case.

Now, I just need to figure out what color I want to paint the bottom.  But, I suppose I need to figure out what I want to do about the cupboards......first

I am still thinking something like this....for the island....and maybe the cupboards too.

white or alpaca for the cupboards?

By the way, have you heard about the "Chip It" thingie available from Sherwin Williams?  After you download the app (like you do when you want to pin things on Pinterest), if you see a picture you like, you "Chip It" and it does those nifty little things, on the side, that tell you approximate paint colors for what you are seeing in the picture.

Anyway, I obviously went with a different island top than this warm wood one (that was more my original thinking for the fake butcher block), does that change my look?

Or, here is a softer colored island that I like too.

Love this cheerful blue and white kitchen! This is EXACTLY what I want!!!

But, this one has the white marble top.

Any opinions?

I want bright and fun.....and, sort of Scandinavian.....sort of like this one.  I couldn't find pictures of these on-line, so, I went old-school and took a picture of a magazine for your viewing pleasure.

I love this look.  Happy. Bright.  Fun.  But, do I want green cabinets for the rest of my life?  I would take that stove for life though.....

In my inspiration pictures, I am just a bit afraid of too much white.  I want it to be bright and happy and sunny, but not....blinding. I don't want it to get outdated.  I want to be able to change things when the mood strikes (we all know my mood will change)......and I don't necessarily want to have to paint EVERYTHING all over again.

I also have decided that I do want to go ahead and do something with my backsplash.

Right now, it is just a sheet of laminate countertop material on the wall.  SUPER easy to wipe down and keep clean.....but it is creamy/beige and boring.

So, do I put in a colorful backsplash with my white cabinets?  Will that get old and go out of style quickly?

162340761538609820 Kitchen Green Tile Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Pop of color subway tile and white cabinets- fresh, bright, clean and crisp.. Everything a good morning is made of! ;)


I am getting happier and happier with my kitchen changes, but still have a ways to go.

Anyone want to share their opinion?  Ideas?  Pinterest pages that I MUST go look at?