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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Whole Spaghetti and Waffle Thing

Have any of you read the book, Men are Life Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti?

I haven't read it, but I have a few friends who have and they have explained it to me......(I'm not a doctor, but I play one on T.V.  Emoji)

In case you have never heard of it and have no idea what I am talking about, here is a video clip that explains the concept by the authors, Bill and Pam Farrel.

It is true.

Rainman and I are so different.

We have trouble talking to each other....without one of us getting frustrated, or, let's be honest here....angry.

Rainman thinks of one thing at a time.  He does one thing at a time.  One little waffle square at a time.  You know?

I don't do that.

I can't do that.

I have got noodles all over the place.  (Sometimes literally with the little people I live with! Emoji)

I usually do a pretty good job multi-tasking and keeping track of all of my noodles.

Lately though, I have been longing to be a waffle....even if it is only for a little while.

My problem is that I have so many things(noodles) to think about and try to accomplish that I am not getting any of them done.

Right now, I am trying to:

  • Plan for school (starting next Monday) 
  • Find all the books/supplies needed for next Monday (I know they are here somewhere....)
  • Support A-girl (she started a more traditional school this week with D-man)
  • Get my bookkeeping work done for the company I work for
  • Type up the invoice for D-man's lawn mowing business (I know....he should do it himself, huh?)
  • Try to come up with a MicroBusiness or two for myself 
  • Decide whether or not having a renter in our basement apartment will be a good thing or a bad thing (Anyone know of a nice little old lady looking for a new home?  Does she like kids?)
  • Try to pick and settle on a paint color for my kitchen cabinets....island....various furniture pieces
  • Try to commit and actually hammer a nail into the wall and hang stuff up around here
  • Organize my living room in a way that doesn't have it overflowing with furniture and bookshelves, but has the things I need nearby
  • Figure out how to give my bedroom a makeover without spending a ton of money.  Romantic or cute? 
  • Keep things clean
  • Restart past chore systems, so I am not the only one keeping things clean
  • Remember to mop the bathroom floor
  • Eat my new way, which has been great - but requires lots of planning and thinking ahead (Trim Healthy Mama)
  • Read  Insurgent  and Fault in our many, many other Non-fiction selections that are waiting for me
  • Remember to pull weeds and trim bushes (or assign that to someone)
  • Learn new songs for praise team
  • Use products and remember to take notes for writing reviews on them
  • Keep track of my review deadlines
  • Wonder if my friend, Sherri, is having a great trip to see her family
  • Be Samson, and get started writing a book (which I think will just be a compilation of things I have learned in life.....mistakes I have made.....stuff that works for our family.....funny stories from my blog)
  • Decide if the above book makes sense and if anyone would actually read it (should I care?)
  • Figure out how to update the cover picture on my blog
  • Try to remember to get my kids to pose in front of our fridge at the new house
  • Organize our craft/sewing room so it makes sense and we can easily find/see all our fabrics and yarn
  • Remember to do laundry (before I walk into my bedroom at night and see the pile that I have meant to wash for the last 2 days)
  • Not to get too tied up in my lists and my computer that I forget to just love on my kids and play a round of Old Maid when they ask me to
  • Not miss my family too much(visits are bittersweet and I just got back from seeing them all)
  • Tell the lady from A Love Beyond Borders that we just can't afford to adopt those 3 sweet little girls....
  • To figure out a way for us to adopt those 3 sweet little girls
  • Research whether A-girl's fruit sensitivity is actual an fructose allergy
  • Decide whether to intervene in the current sibling fight I hear in the basement
  • Try to work on all the things the financial planner told us to work on, so Rainman can actually retire someday
  • Schedule eye appointments for Rainman, D-man, and A-man (who has been getting headaches)
  • Get physicals for Rainman and I scheduled so we can get our reward from our HSA account....I think I have until September 1st....oh, that is almost here, isn't it?
  • Figure out a way for my waffle hubby to understand me better....and vice versa.....

So, you get it now, right?

I just want to go paint my kitchen cupboards.....without thinking about the 50 other things touching my noodle.

Then.....when that is 100% completed, I want to read a book.

Then.....when that is 100% completed, I want to teach my kids.

Then.....when that is 100% completed, I want to write a book.

Who am I kidding?

That would drive me crazy.  I actually can't even imagine living like that.

It is just frustrating right now because I feel like I am thinking about so many things and trying to make decisions about so many things....that I am actually accomplishing.....nothing.

I just need to use one of these little noodle portion thingies.....

(I will take the little man sized portion, please)  Image courtesy of Reykjavik Cornerstore

.....and just try to handle those noodles on my plate before going back for seconds...or I turn into this....