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Monday, January 12, 2015

D-man is 17

My first born is almost adult.

(I know my number 1 is a little deformed, isn't it?)

Here is the sad, but realistic picture of him texting with J-Girl while his mother, who slaved over the hot stove to make his birthday pancakes, stands waiting for him to pose for a picture.  Emoji

J-girl joined us for present opening later in the day.

Not sure what is going on with D-man's eyes in these, but he was having fun opening his usual menagerie of dollar store goodies from his non-wealthy siblings!

Instead of birthday cake, this year he asked for a birthday pumpkin pie...partly because I was gone Thanksgiving week and didn't make my usual pie and partly because he really and truly loves pumpkin pie!

May all your wishes come true, D-man.  Mama loves you....