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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Nutritious Breakfast?

Tell me I am not the only mom who lets their kids make themselves a bowl of cereal in the morning and calls it breakfast.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

Is it just me? 

I keep reading blog posts and other articles about meal planning for your family.  It ALWAYS includes breakfast menus and they aren't talking about setting out boxes of cereal for your kids to choose from.  Are you guys out there making your kids hot breakfasts everyday?

I grew up making my own bowl of cereal in the morning - or when I was feeling adventurous - toast with cinnamon and sugar.  I got up early for school, so after I reached the age where I was able to fix my own hair, my mom stayed in bed until shortly before I got on the bus.  I do have vague memories of an occasional bowl of oatmeal that I know I did not make for myself.

To me, pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage and bacon are supper items.  I love them.  I will even order them for dinner if we are at a restaurant that serves breakfast all day.

To Rainman they are breakfast items and he gets a little irked when I serve them for supper.  My kids, however, love it.  Guess what Rainman grew up having for breakfast?  Yup, eggs and bacon - lovingly served by his mother -who had 7 children!

Seriously, do the rest of you feed your children in the morning or is it survival of the fittest?  What is your routine?  Are you up before all of the kids?  I am, but I use that time for coffee, computer time and sometimes my quiet devotion time. 

Honestly, other than holidays, it never even occurs to me to make them a hot breakfast!


RKO Ideas Galore (by Karen) said...

Uh, me? Never. I say it teaches them independence. My new thing is to have protein bars on hand for them as they rush out the door! Over New Years, I rolled out my "don't heat up the bottles" trick. People who are "heaters" are appalled when the milk is served cold. Oops :-)

Anonymous said...

Cereal for us too on the weekends though! Otherwise they eat CEREAL at daycare :) I think Jason hates when I make pancakes for dinner as well.

Laura The Artist said...

You're so funny Kayla! I do just like you..."fend for yourselves kids, there's cereal and bread for toast" I'm too busy making the lunches and getting my own coffee (not to mention cleaning up after the dog and making sure she gets fed too). I, also, make breakfast food for dinner...why not? That's when you might have time to fix all that stuff anyway rigt?
God Bless - thanks for visiting my blog too.


Blanca said...

You are not the only I to serve my kids cereal and we even have it for dinner sometimes when my husband is out of town. Saturday might be a treat and I might get up and make a big breakfest but that is every blue moon and I can not remember when the last one came around!!! :)

Jess said...

Yeah, ummm... I'm not winning mother of the year anytime soon. My child gets a granola bar, fruit snacks, and juice box in the car on the way to school.