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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Trouble

I have been doing a lot of product review posts wanted to make sure I also give you a bit of "life" too.

So, here is A Little Bit of Trouble....

This is V-girl with her head stuck in the stair case.....see just behind her head?  That is a gate meant to keep her downstairs with us.  Well, S-girl, her little buddy, had climbed over the gate and gone she decided to follow.  I was sitting nearby at the computer when this happened....and didn't see a thing.....she was quick....apparently.  It took A-girl, L-girl and I to get her out.  See, her head is too big to get between the spindles....


We kept moving her head up and down and shifting its angle to try to get it through.  No luck.  We could not figure out how to get her set free.  A-girl, my little genius, finally figured it out for us.  We had been thinking she had someone climbed over the gate and was trying to come back to the other reality, she had actually stood on the first stair riser and squeezed her body through the space....but then her head was too big and got stuck.

I mean, would you have figured that one out?  I didn't....and I have 6 kids.....and about half of them have been in a very similar predicament at one time or other.

So, we just got her to stand up and then squeezed her body back over to the other side of the gate. 

Lesson learned, I think....she has not tried this one again.

Here are some more shots of our Little Bit of Trouble.

Could you get any closer?

"Riding" big sister's bike.

Nice tonsils!

Wearing A-girl heals.

Monkey face.

Learning how to pose for pictures whilst snacking on some Jello!

Cute....but, A Little Bit of Trouble!