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Monday, November 21, 2011

I Have Lost Weight

Yup, it's true.  I have lost weight.  How do I know, you may ask?

Well, first let me tell you this.  Something many of my Georgia friends probably do not know.  In Minnesota, I was a Massage Therapist.  I graduated and was fully certified in 1992.  I went on to work at an Aveda salon, my own private practice, and I was even an instructor at the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork.

Georgia runs things differently and I would need to be licensed to practice.  Long story short, I didn't have the time or money to go through that process when we, I am no longer a Massage Therapist.

I do, however, homeschool my kids, so one of the things that I have been teaching is a little anatomy and proper massage techniques, like how to tell the difference between a bone and a muscle.  You would be surprised at how many people can't feel the difference.   

Getting a "real" massage is yet another thing that has gone by the wayside as part of our one income family here in Georgia.  So, training the kids has had the added bonus of having to be their guinea pig!

My kids are smart.  So smart that they know, if I am mad at them for something, all they have to do to get back on my good side is offer to rub my hands. 

Really. It works every time.  They know it.  I know it.  I choose to think of it as a win/win situation.

Even V-girl, if I happen to be sitting with my feet up, will walk over and give me a few squeezes on my feet.  Cracks me up.

Well, all of that is just to set up the fact that A-man got into a lot of trouble recently. 

He was just having one of those bounce off the walls, wild, boy days that got on my nerves.  He didn't do anything super naughty....but after about a thousand times telling him to settle down....or to stop running....or to stop throwing his recently assembled space shuttle in the living room....I had had it. 

I am working on being more Michelle Duggar-ish in my discipline...meaning I am trying not to yell as much.  I don't think I can do the sweet voice thing....but I am doing better at not raising my voice.

So, I told A-man how disappointed I was and that certain privileges would be taken away.  Then, the big girls and I went upstairs and climbed into my bed to talk.  I was laying on my side just visiting when I suddenly felt my pj top being scootched up and someone massaging my back.

It was A-man.  He said that he wanted to surprise me and give me a back rub.  I know.  I am easy.  I didn't give his privileges back or anything though.

So, he starts rubbing and I keep on talking to A-girl and L-girl.

Then, while the girls and I are talking, he says, "You have lost weight.  Yup, you have definitely lost weight."

Of course, I halted my conversation with the girls to ask him how he knew that.

He said, "Well, the last time I rubbed your back, it was A LOT squishier."

Well, okay then.  I will take that. 

I am a little afraid that in addition to figuring out how to get back on my good side by giving me a massage that he has figured out the old, "You have lost weight" ploy too.

But, I am choosing to believe him and that I actually have lost weight...instead. 

Makes me feel a whole lot better!

Because, really, isn't it every woman's desire to have a less squishy back?

Nope?  Just me?

Oh, well.