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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These....

I always get up before my kids.  It is my time of the day to just be alone.  It is when I read e-mails, write blog posts, check Pinterest....and hopefully, when I do my devotions.

I drink coffee.

I make witty remarks on other people's blogs.

I usually check on the kids before I head downstairs and, sometimes what I find just cracks me up.

Especially during the summer, because we don't have too many rules about bedtimes....or even where people sleep.  There are a lot of impromptu sleep overs in other kid's rooms.

Can you see that V-girl has her hand over L-girl's face and her feet on A-girl (one looks like it is ready to shove her off).

This is A-man and S-girl on the floor by my bed.  No room with the other girls and D-man had stayed up late playing MLB 2K12 on the A-man didn't want to be alone in his room.

I don't know why this next one struck me as so funny....but it did.

The big man sized foot, with knuckle toes, that D-man now possesses with the girly decorations in the background.....

Sometimes I am not quite as stealthy as I think I am and little people wake up and think they are ready for the day.  So, they come downstairs with me....ready to hit the ground running....

....and, go right back to sleep!