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Thursday, May 23, 2013

One More Birthday Post.....

This time it isn't one of ours though.

S-girl has a friend whose birthday was also in April and she got invited to the party.  She was very excited.  We ended up with a house showing, so I took the rest of the kids over to my friend's house and S-girl and I went all alone to the party.

Yes, just the two of us.  It was a strange and beautiful thing to dedicate all my time and attention to just one little human being.

We had fun.

Can't remember if I told you...but she lost one of her front teeth!

They had this huge bouncy pillow thingie....lots of fun....but hot feet.

At the end of the party, all the little girls got to pick their own pint of strawberries.

She had a blast. 

I had fun just walking from activity to activity with her....just holding hands.  Just she and I.  We were even a little separate from the other kids and moms at the party sometimes.  I felt sort of bad....but  I was having a such a good time just paying attention to S-girl that I decided I didn't care if people thought we were the weird homeschool family, you know?

She didn't have to give up her spot for a more depending or in need sibling.....which she has to do a lot and she is so laid back and kind hearted that she almost always gives up her spot easily.   I think we both liked having time just for each other.

I love you S-girl!