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Friday, May 31, 2013

Nothing New

I thought I would report to you that there is nothing new going on here.

We are still trying to sell our house.

My house is still clean most of the time.  (It really is sort of a wonderful thing.)

We have had 28 showings.

We have had 0 second showings.

The feedback we have gotten is that our backyard and kitchen are beautiful, but the house is too small.  (I can't really fault those reasons, since that is pretty much how I feel about the house too.  Although, I thought that the reason I felt it was small was because there are 8 of us living here....I figured a "normal" sized family wouldn't think it was small!)

We are finishing up our school year.  Everyone except A-girl is done for the year.

I can't do any planning for next year because all of my school stuff is packed away to make it look like a homeschooling family with 6 kids doesn't live here.

Since my house is always about 15 minutes away from being clean, I don't have a lot to do around here.  (Sort of a crazy feeling that I could really have company over at the drop of a hat....and they could visit every level of our house and I wouldn't have to be mortified...not even once!)

I have banned the children from eating or snacking in areas of the house that are carpeted.  They are miserable and whiny.

I have learned that I really like having my bed made....something Rainman and I never, ever used to do. (Aren't you proud of me, Mom?)

I am sort of stuck in limbo physically and mentally.  Not enjoying that at all.

I am trying to have faith in God's timing as we have found a house we really love and our contingent offer has been accepted....but nothing can happen for us....or the other home owners, until our house sells. 

I lay this at God's feet about 10-12 times a day.  Why so many times?  Because I keep picking it back up and walking away with it to worry, back it goes with my apologies to Him.

If you are the praying sort, please pray for our whole housing situation and that we will be financially ready and mentally ready when everything falls into place.