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Monday, May 6, 2013

April Birthdays - Part 3

Okay, let's finally finish off April, shall we?

L-girl turned 11 this year!

Just rolled out of bed for this one!
Our birthday tradition used to be that the whole family went out to a restaurant of the birthday person's choice.  But a few years ago, when I stopped working, that became a luxury.  So a new tradition of just the birthday person and a parent getting to go out was born.  I actually like our new tradition better (even though I will admit that I am not picked very often among the children...oh, well).
But, L-girl picked me and she chose a new place that we hadn't been, but had heard great things about called Cheddar's.  On the way, I pretended to get a little mixed up in my driving and get lost.  I pulled into a parking lot and said, something like, "Hang on a sec..I have to think for a minute about where we are...."  Then, I turned the car off, turned to her and said, "Do you want to get your ears pierced?"
She did.  Ear piercing is something that I have a "you must be 11" for, so we had talked about it, but were planning to have Grandma do that as her gift when she came to visit.  But, then Grandma's plans changed and we didn't know when she was coming.  I knew L-girl was bummed because A-girl had ended up getting hers pierced a little before her 11th birthday to coincide with Grandma's visit.
L-girl being in the middle has to make a lot of compromises and adjustments to her life because she is from a large

We had a great lunch together.  Just chatting and thinking and making imaginary plans for our new house.
We went home and had her cake...she picked this flavor....
It was yummy.  Sweet and tangy.

S-girl took a page from D-man's book and gave her a "gift of herself" kind of present.
It was a good day....just ask our little photo bomber!