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Monday, October 21, 2013

Okay....I Think I Am Back In Action

We have moved.

We have had out of state company.

We have unpacked 98% of our boxes.

We have had internet troubles.

We have had computer crashes.

We have been able to recover our computer.

We have had in half crash again.

We attended of our first (and possibly last) Homeowner's Associate Meeting.  Yes, I am now in one of "those" neighborhoods.

We are loving our new house.

It felt like "home" right away...even when it was a total mess.

I have not been able to find 3 important things since we moved.

  • Our family calendar
  • My TOS Review notebook
  • My camera
We have figured out a new calendar and just hope that we haven't forgotten anything that was written in our old one.

I have started a new TOS Review notebook with my deadlines, etc.

I have not figured anything out for my missing camera.  I had wanted to take true before pictures when the house was empty....but that didn't happen.

Now I am waiting to starting ripping off wallpaper border and paint until I can get intermediate before pictures with my stuff in the shot.

I have offered my children  a trip to Berry Mango's a frozen yogurt place down here if they can find my camera.....nothing yet....I will keep you posted though.  

In the meantime, I am looking around Pinterest in any free time I get gathering ideas for redecorating our new home.