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Friday, November 27, 2015

Favorite Things from My Girl's Weekend

I always want to sing like Julie Andrews when I hear the words "favorite things", but, since this seems to be the time of year for "favorite things" posts.  Here goes!

My sister started me off in thinking about favorite things because she suggested that when we had our girls weekend, that we do a favorite things Christmas - only with our kind of budget - not Oprah's.

She is the Idea Girl, so she had given us all quick little homework assignments too...where we all wrote down our favorite t.v. show, favorite musician, favorite holiday.  All that stuff.  It was interesting.  My mom kept blurting out her answers and not letting us guess, like we were doing for everyone else.

When it came to gift giving time, we also learned that we all love lemon scented things.  I wonder if there is a DNA code for that built into us? are a few of our favorite things.

Adult coloring books

,Adult coloring books...and even our own set of colored pencils!

Old Fashioned stick candy.....

I always feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder when I suck on these.  (They would make great stocking stuffers.)

We also got this completely yummy lemon scented hand soap from J.R. Watkins - which I just realized started in Minnesota.  So, do people around here even know what I am talking about?!?

My mom gave us sugar free candies (still cares about our dental health in our old age!)

We also got yummy lemon scented hand cream for our purses. (Notice the lemon theme we had going?)

I gave them some soap from Koru Naturals.  I just love the scent and the feel of their stuff.

Manuka Honey, Fig and White Ginger Soap

The only thing that would have made our favorite things exchange any better is if I would have gotten some of my all time favorite candies while I was there (for some crazy reason these aren't sold in Georgia)

Nut Goodies are the best thing  ever!  Trust me...I can't really describe them, but if you get a chance to try it!

Any of these things would make a great gifts for friends or family.  My kids favorite gift ideas are coming soon.

Full disclosure time:  This post does contain affiliate links, which means that if you click over and actually decide to get any of the stuff I showed you, I may get a commission.  Your purchase price won't change though, so, don't worry.